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Sofia Airport Transfers & Taxis

If you want something that is unique for your vacation this year, you must plan a vacation to Bulgaria. This country can offer tantalizing trip as it has beautiful landscapes. It is blessed with natural beauty, reach culture and history. Locals of Bulgaria are hard working and struggling to make their life better that is why they made their country as the best tourist destination in the world. Sofia is known as the capital city of the country and this city attracts huge number of travelers from different parts of the globe. This is also where you can find one of the major airports in Bulgaria. One of the best Sofia airport transfers is taxi service that you can find around the airport.

There are lots of options that you can choose from when it comes to airport transfer like train, buses, but Sofia airport taxi is the most suitable and accessible choice. It is true that Sofia Airport taxis is a bit expensive compared to bus service, but still many travelers prefer this service because of various reasons. The beauty of this service is that it can take you at your doorstep whether it is your home or hotel. It can offer different level of convenience as you do not need to walk or take another mode of transportation. Some bus stops are still far away from your hotel or home. Journey through taxi is quicker than bus transfer.

Families traveling with little children choose Sofia Airport transfers through taxi. Drivers of taxis from the airport are friendly and very accommodating. They can even offer you with information about different tourist attractions, hotels and restaurant in different areas around Sofia and Bulgaria. The cost of airport taxi is 0.50 BGN per kilometer for daytime and 0.70 BGN per kilometer during night time. You will find these taxis at west end of the arrival area. Taxi stands are located within this same location, so you will find taxis waiting at the arrival area.

There are other companies that offer taxi services as Sofia airport transfers. However, companies who wish to operate inside the airport must meet several airport regulations. The price of taxi transfer starting from the airport going to city center is 10-12 Leva. It is imperative that you talk to the driver and clarify the fee right before you get into the taxi. It is difficult to negotiate with the price when the journey started. This Sofia airport transfer is a bit expensive during busy traffic time.