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Sofia Airport Trains

Sofia Airport is one of the most accessible airports in Bulgaria. This is why many tourists from different parts of the world choose to land on this airport for convenience. There are international trains that can offer routes going to Sofia. Some people choose to travel by train because they find it more convenient and fast. There is a train from Bucharest going to Sofia. This train runs back and forth twice everyday right through the border cities of Ruse and Giurgiu. The train from Bucharest going to Sofia during day time departs from 12:16 and will arrive around 21:33. During night time it departs from 20:04 and will arrive at 06:00. From Sofia going to Bucharest, you will also find two trains. This is one of the easiest Sofia Airport trains route. It is important that you check through the internet for updated information.

There is also a train from Poduene Station. It is from Belgrade and it is a 10 hours journey overnight. If you want couchette reservation, then you will pay €6 and return ticket cost €41. If you are looking for cheaper tickets, you can buy ticket until last station at Serbian Railways. You need to pay €10 for Dimitrovgrad and at Bulgarian controller just pay €2. If you are from Istanbul, then the cost of train is 70 Leva and it departs at 18:30 and arrives around 9:00. These Sofia airport trains can easily take you this city in Bulgaria. All of these train services are operated by Bulgarian State Railways.

Tsentralna Gara is the main railway, but it can be very confusing. For domestic departure, you need to go to the main terminal where you can buy tickets for all domestic travel. For international travel, you should enter the station in front and turn left, then walk past waiting room at the left side.

You will find an office at the end of the corridor with a sign “RILA”. You need your passport in order to book a ticket for Sofia airport trains. They accept all major credit cards. For Sofia Airport trains, you need to become aware that traveling through railway as well as ticketing in this country is unique. For round trip tickets, you need to get second stamp for your ticket right before you board the train and it is in cashier booth. If you failed to do it, then you will pay a fine or you will be kicked off the train to get your stamp.