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Sofia in Bulgaria is such a wonderful city that is filled with many interesting places to visit. You will admire the beauty of this city as it is a home for different tourist attractions. Sofia Airport is very close to the city center with 30 minutes of journey from the town. You can reach the airport in no time. Today, the airport has two terminals that are very accessible to all tourists. If you will go to the new terminal, then you will see clear marks that will direct you to this part of the airport. You need to turn right at Brussels Blvd. right before you reach the old airport building. None of you will find it hard to reach the airport.

The fastest and easier driving route is from Orlov Most, which is the bridge that you can locate within the center of the city. You need to drive eastward going to Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard, you will see some signs that you need to follow that will take you to Christopher Columbus Boulevard, then going to the airport. There are clear signs, so none of you will be lost if you will just follow these signs. This is the easiest driving direction if you want to reach the airport by car.

There are diverse locations where you can start your journey. You can start from your hotel, then going to the airport. You will find it easier to reach the airport through a car hire service as they know the fastest route to stay away from traffic. You will surely arrive at the airport in time without any delay. You can also start at the city center where a taxi can pick you up at your chosen destination and bring you to airport. None of the tourists who have been to Sofia airport experience difficulty in reaching the area as there are wide selections of airport transfer to choose from.

If you want to go to Sofia airport by car, it is important for you to look for the best parking area close to the airport or park your car inside the airport. Airport parking is expensive compared to off-site parking, but it can give you peace of mind knowing that your car is inside the airport with 24 hours security and high end security system. There is none of these airport transfers that cannot take you to airport in a breeze.

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