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Sofia Tourist Attractions

Bulgaria is a picturesque country in Europe and this is a famous tourist destination because of its reach culture, awesome landscape, magnificent black sea resorts and ski slopes. The capital city of this country is Sofia and millions of people live within this capital city. This is where you can find many great architectural attractions as well as different cultural events. If you will look for the best accommodation, then apartment rentals close to the airport and different attractions is your best choice. There are Sofia Airport attractions that are very easy to visit from the airport. The country is filled with beautiful and relaxing nature.

The country is a part of Balkans that is located at southeast of Europe and it is bordered with five countries including Greece, Romania, Turkey and the famous Black Sea. If you happen to go to Black Sea resort, then apartment rentals is the most popular type of accommodation in this area. This is one of the biggest Bulgarian seaside resorts that boast 800 hotels, bars, clubs and 130 restaurants. This place is also close to numerous Sofia Airport attractions. There is Sunny Beach apartments and villas for you to rent and these type of accommodation is very popular during summer months. If you wish to wake up in the morning hearing the sound of the waves and breathing fresh air from the ocean, then this is something that you need to consider. Tourists will find wide range of water sports and Sofia Airport attractions.

One of the most sought after Sofia Airport attractions is Varna. This is considered as one of the ancient cities in entire Europe. This city has been established since 6th century BC and became one of the most important cities for industrial and cultural industry in Bulgaria. Its economy is fast developing and there are many constructions of modern buildings happening around the city. Varna is a city with a touch of ancient and modern lifestyle.

Another great city that you should visit as part of Sofia Airport attractions is Plevna. It is the home for a famous historical museum called “The Liberation of Pleven” that was established during 1877. This is where you can find South Hill which is famous because it is the place where heavy fighting happened many years ago. The place has turned into Skobelevski Park Museum. On top of the hill you will witness the stunning view of the entire city and there on top is another great museum. Today, Plevna is known as a gorgeous and populous city with lots of amazing streets.

You can visit Plovdiv as one of the Sofia Airport attractions and you will find several great tourist spots within this city like ancient amphitheater and city forum are well preserved. This theater has been restored as this is the best place for many different performances. Many tourists are attracted to clock tower, which is a mosque built during Turkish domination. There are 200 buildings located within this old city and these are declared as important monuments of the city’s history.