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Sofia Airport Arrivals

Sofia Airport is one of the major airports in Bulgaria and it is considered as the most modern airport within the country. When it comes to Sofia Airport arrivals area, you will find it very comfortable and spacious. Its arrival area is very organized and there are helpful signs especially for first time tourists arriving at Bulgaria. Passengers will find airport transfers that can facilitate huge number of passengers arriving every hour and it is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. All travelers will experience fast, safe, comfortable and affordable transfer. It is advisable that you hire an airport transfer before your arrival at the airport, so you can avoid delays.

You will also find shuttle services. You can choose from different shuttle services within Sofia Airport arrivals. This service will connect all passengers to downtown Sofia and other places like Lyulin for a very reasonable rate. There are also airport taxis in both terminal 1 and 2. It is good to know that taxis can offer reasonable and fair charge, and there is special low rates being offered during night. There are incidents of fraud regarding taxis, but the management of the airport already did steps to put it to stop. Taxi service can make traveling easier to different parts of Bulgaria from Sofia Airport arrivals area.

As you arrive at Sofia airport, you can conserve time and feel comfortable after long hours of flight. The last thing that you want to happen is to experience delays and issues right after your arrival. Airport modern facilities can offer efficient service to avoid delays. Everything that you need upon your arrival at the airport can be found at terminal 1 and 2. There are cafes, cafeterias and souvenirs shops where you can buy food to eat and things that you need for your vacation.